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Social Media Strategies

3 Easy Steps to Generating Sales With Instagram



Instagram has grown in popularity and has become one of the most popular social media sites online and subsequently a great place to market your business. It is the photo sharing platform of choice for consumers, and offers unique marketing opportunities to businesses and marketers to increase visibility for their brands.

Over the last year, Instagram has gone from 600 million active users to 800 million active users, making it the fastest growing social media platform in that time period.

Nathan Chan is the creator and publisher of the online magazine called Foundr, and he is also an Instagram expert. Nathan is an amazing success story and someone who I follow and respect greatly.

Here are 3 tips that Nathan put together, that will get you well on your way to tapping into Instagram’s user base and audience to spread the word about your brand, and start making sales.

“You know that Instagram is a great social network for some people.

For example, it’s great for artists, models, and anyone who wants to make sure the entire world knows how cute their cat is.

But is it a worthwhile network for businesses looking to generate new sales and customers?

In a word, absolutely.

If, that is, IF you do it right.

I’m Nathan Chan, publisher of Foundr Magazine—a bootstrapped company that quickly grew into a successful business thanks in large part to the Instagram strategy you’re about to learn in this post. And over the next few minutes, I’m going to show you the right way to grow your business with Instagram.


  • Learn how to optimize your account and post compelling Instagram content that will keep your followers coming back again and again
  • Along the way, you’ll increase your exposure and generate more conversions.
  • And finally, you’ll discover a few tools you can use to measure your success and iterate your results to keep your followers (and your business) growing more and more each and every month.

I’ll dig into the details in just a moment, but first, I should give you a big-picture view of what you’re about to learn. In a nutshell, this system for growing your business through Instagram marketing consists of 3 main steps:

  • Awareness: Grow your Instagram followers with influencer marketing and user-generated content
  • Engagement: Send traffic to your website with Lead Magnets and Instagram stories
  • Conversions: Increase sales with great content and a call to action (CTA) that kindle emotion

Makes sense, right? First, you have to reach people……”

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Social Media Strategies

Frank Kern’s Beast Mode Approach to Selling Online



Hey there, Eddie Woods here, my buddy Frank Kern has developed what he calls his new Beast Mode Approach to delivering content and driving free traffic on social media in order to sell products and services online. Check out this video where he walks you through what he discovered by accident mind you, and demonstrates how you can use the same approach to sell your products and services online through social media.

Frank’s Beast Mode strategy is a fresh approach for 2019 and will rocket you out of the gate right for the new year, so get crackin!!!

By the way, if you don’t know who Frank Kern is you better check yourself and get woke! Check the video out here…

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Social Media Strategies

Instagram New Shopping Feature in Stories



Instagram has just rolled out a new way to shop on it’s platform. This summer they tested a new shopping feature in their Instagram Stories section and it allows users to buy products and has a personalized shopping channel in the explore search bar.

Both of these new features will improve on the current Instagram shopping experience. Check out this video for more details now…

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Social Media Strategies

Top 10 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers for Your Business Without Creating New Content



Hi again, Eddie Woods here! One of the questions that I get asked the most from business owners is “How do I get more social media followers for my business?”

The short answer is to create more relevant content that your followers would love. But I consistently get push back from this answer. And I’m quite sure the reason I get push back is because most business owners are very busy and they don’t have time to create content themselves and they are reluctant to hire someone to do it for them.

I often tell business owners that they probably should not create the content themselves because it is quite time consuming, and I recommend that they hire an individual or a company to be in charge of creating fresh social media content to post. I stress to them the importance of hiring to fill this position on their team, but most of the time my overtures are not headed.

So since I’m tired of saying the same thing, and most of the time getting push-back, I decided to focus this post on an awesome article that a friend of mine named Rachel Rofe recently created. It’s about how to get more social media followers without creating having to create new content. Check out the article below.

Social media is powerful. There’s no doubt about that. But social media marketing falls flat if you don’t have an audience built up, which can be challenging.

One of the best ways of getting more followers is to continuously post new, engaging content. Most of us, however, simply don’t have the time or the energy for that.

So what then? Is all hope lost?

Not so much. If you want to increase your follower counts on social media without having to create new content, don’t worry. There are tactics you can employ to give your friends and follower counts a boost without spending tons of extra effort.

Let’s take a look at 10 easy strategies below…

1) Add geotags to your photos

You can use geotags on Instagram to attract local followers. A geotag, essentially, is the current location (the longitude and latitude) of your Instagram account. The GPS device in your smartphone or tablet collects this information and makes it available on Instagram if you give it permission.

And when you add geotags to your posts, other Instagram users who’ve added geotags with the same location will be more likely to see your content and follow you as a result.

Geotags also make it so that your content shows up whenever someone searches for your location.

Basically, geotags help you increase your exposure, which, in turn, increase your odds of having more people follow you.

2) Follow other relevant brands, users, and influencers

This may seem counter-intuitive to boosting your follower count. But when you follow relevant brands, users, and influencers, often times, they follow you back. Plus, the whole point of gaining more followers is to engage real and relevant people with your business.

When looking for people to follow, conduct your search based on the following three categories……………….”

Click Here to see 8 more ways to get more social media followers to your business!

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